Online Earning Sites I’ve Used

These are the sites I’m using right now. I can vouch for each as a paying site.

Swagbucks (the BEST one, by far! SBs awarded for watching videos and running the phone apps (which autoplay videos) are the easiest earnings around. I currently make about 100SB per day – about $1 – just for running the mobile apps. Cashout minimum for gift cards is $5, for Paypal is $25.)

Ayuwage (A REALLY good PTC, go to the Regular tab for pay-to-clicks that pay 1.5 cents each; all you do is wait 10 seconds and then click a link. Cashout minimum is $5, both Paypal and gift cards.)

Clixsense (Lots of pay-to-click stuff. In particular there’s an unlimited repeatable offer, called Website Explorer, that pays 2 cents each time, that’s where most my earnings come from. The PTCs are also decently paying considering they take little time, but they generally take a few hours to regenerate once you’ve cleared out the lot. There’s a daily activity checklist for which you can get up to a 7% bonus on all you earn that day.)

Perk (This site has a phone app for playing videos, like Swagbucks does. SB’s has daily limits though. This one doesn’t! This makes it pretty reliable; I always turn this on just before going to bed at night. Recommended cashout is $5 gift cards; Paypal is available but costs 1.5X more points than gift cards.)

PollBuzzer (This site will occasionally throw a simple poll question to your e-mail. Do it for $1, deposited to your Paypal automatically! This site isn’t something you can do actively, but if you just sign up and check your e-mail regularly you’ll end up $1 richer every once in a while. 😀 )

GiftHulk (When multitasking, this is generally one of the sites I go to. The Engage part of the site is very simple: start a video, wait for the timer to run out, then make the next one play. They also have Gifthulk TV which is identical to Swagbucks TV, but not as high paying. And there’s also a Guess the Card game, which you can play daily and will randomly give you a couple points. Cashout minimum is $5, for both Paypal and gift cards.)

BingRewards (An easy 15 cents a day. It’s owned by Microsoft, and more designed to help spread awareness about Bing than to be an income source. Just do a few bing searches each day and you can cash out an Amazon gift card at around 500 points.)


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